The China Bar Story

 The China Bar KL brings the fascinating Asian culture to the most exquisite location in KL. We’ll surprise our patrons with enticing cocktails in an elegant and classy atmosphere, fine-tuned with excellent music and lovely people.


The design of The China Bar is a mix of old and new, ancient and modern, traditional and eclectic. The dragon, which in Chinese culture traditionally symbolize potent and auspicious powers, particularly control over water, rainfall, typhoons, and floods, is one of the main symbols of the venue as a basic pillar in defining its concept.

The China Bar wants to establish a bridge between the new age of the nightlife modernism and the elegant traditional Chinese philosophies and ways of life.  ‘The taste of China’ is what the story is all about, the rice paper lanterns, the burlesque costumes, men dressed up in tuxes and hats, beautiful women in their cheongsam making you blush with their smiles while dancing in the middle of the grand rooms.


On the other side, concerts and musicals that mix all the new and the old ways of the Asian nightlife bring together sounds of the past in the present time. Retro, funk, jazz, are just a few of the basic sounds that The China Bar has to offer. The weekly DJ’s, the theatre performances, artistic happenings and unique events will supplement the refined ambience that The China Bar projects and brings it to another level that reminds of the ‘golden age’ of Chinese nightlife.

The state of the art cocktails, the great food and impeccable service, unique performances and classy atmosphere are the biggest assets of The China Bar. Some of the originals are The China Bar cocktail, a mix of rosemary, vodka and watermelon foam, The China Blue with roasted pineapple cinnamon infused vodka, Pandan Sour with lemongrass infused vodka, pandan and egg white, Junglebird spiced rum, Campari and Applewood smoke. If you tried them already, we are sure you appreciate their quality and style.


Unlike what you will expect from a venue that concentrates on cocktails, atmosphere and music, The China Bar wants to offer a complete quality experience. That’s why the food is not to be neglected. You can enjoy a grilled salmon or a grilled fresh water prawn together with vegetables and spicy sauce as well as the signature chicken or mutton momos and chicken sekuwa.

The menus are diverse, from craft Australian and Japanese beer all the way to a great tom yam soup, signature unique cocktails specially designed for The China Bar, you can find almost every taste of spice that you can think of and the most important, the taste of China.


Food pairing is also one of the best things about the cuisine, it can be mixed with our original craft beers, or maybe complemented by the wine selection from Chile, Argentina, Spain, France and Austria or even enjoyed in small bites while trying one of house cocktails. If its dinner or just a bite before some drinks, we have you covered with a good combination of food and refreshments.

A famous Chinese proverb says: ‘A wise man makes his own decisions, an ignorant man follows the public opinion’. We invite you to come see for yourself and dive into the dazzling KL nightlife with The China Bar story.